„Truly, no one is wise, Who does not know the dark.“ (Hermann Hesse)

But after the darkness comes light which Chris Divine – leader and vocalist of Luna Rise – sings reflectively after living through one or the other borderline life experiences.

Especially the changes of light and shadow are reflected in the musical style of the band. If one had thrown Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Gahan and Neil Armstrong into one room the result would probably have been similar. The „Luna“ (Latin: moon; or roman moon goddess) hints to a certain atmosphere or mood. Further many different facettes from classic hard rock, progressive metal, doom/gothic/dark rock aggregate here, reaching even melancholic dark pop with a few catchy tunes.

Together with bassist Rob Rocket, Divine (at first as guitarist) started this band project, but once the slightly autistic talent Luke Vegas enlists, Divine abdicates from the guitar and switches to the vocals. The band is completed by the hyperactive keyboard rapist L.X. (Lunious Xaviour Andersson) and Loup-Garou, a hairy drummer who is scared of the full moon.

Already in the founding year this melodic rock formation from Enns (Upper Austria) published its first CD („Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart“) and the music video („Dead Alley“).

In 2012 the video premier, performances and shows at the music channel GOTV follow.

The band and its charismatic frontman manage to quickly establish themselves in the scene and their feedback and enthusiastic fans tell the rest of the story. Some fans even produced an animation fan video for the song „616“.

In 2013 a new début EP is published with the new single „When you fall“.

In 2014 the band works busily to create their first album. As small taste of what is to come the song „Valentine“ including a music video has been published.

In 2015 the band switches to the label NRT-Records which Re-Issues the EP „Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart“ and soon the new album „Dark Days & Bright Nights“ will see the light of the world (or moon).

Luna Rise – Valentine

Luna Rise – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Luna Rise – 616

Luna Rise – Dead Alley