YEE HAW ! The Thrash Cowboys are coming ! The three villains look like they just crawled out from a filthy hole in the middle of texas , although they have nothing to do with western as you know it !

The selftiteled „ROCK ́N ́WESTERN ROLL METAL „ might have blown billy the kid or even jesse james out of their worn out boots ! Groovie sounds paired with hard as a rock riffs and growled vocals , this combination will kick everyones ass . The guys can offer special kind of a live western-show . The three whisky soaked dudes not only fascinate with their right in your face attitude , they will bring heat into the crowd with their smoking hot saloon girls who will drive the audience crazy !

With some thrashed up classic western tracks like the right and the left hand of the devil , the four humanized jack daniels drinking machines , offer a awesome western sound in metal clothes to their audience ! The first official music video to HEADSHOT was released in february 2013 their 10 track debut cd AND WESTERN BLOOD RUNS followed on November the 22nd, 2013 and was sold via Recordjet.

After a long search , the cowboys signed a recorddeal with the german independent label NRT-RECORDS , and agreed to a longtime cooperation . To get a sneak peak of the upcoming album Horseflesh BBQ , NRT-RECORDS released the EP FUCKING TROUBLEMAKER in summer of 2015 , and a related musicvideo aswell.

Finally: Dezember will be the month for all their loyal die hard fans to get the second LP Horseflesh BBQ ! The new album will be performed live for the first time at a release concert on December the 11th. the album was mixed and mastered by danish producer Tue Madsen , who also worked with bands like EKTOMORF or SICK OF IT ALL . HORSEFLESH BBQ will be in stores in january 2016 .

Get ready for a Trip

… From Texas To Hell and Back !

Proll Guns vs. CCR – Lookin‘ Out My Backdoor

Proll Guns – Fucking Troublemaker

Proll Guns – Headshot