Under the sign of the ancient Egypt goddess Isis, Austrian independent metal legend Sunterra celebrating their reunion. After 10 years absence they’re presenting a new and innovative Output.

Reborn marks the logical conclusion and resurrection of the band and they’re presenting a brand new opus, that is 100 % Sunterra plus a musical progression without forgetting their own roots. Sunterra combines Industrial Metal, Gothic and Electro with some kind of Dubstep and are creating their own, distinctive sound. From the beginning: Back in 1998 Sunterra comes to life after the split of the band Virgin Seed. The first band members were Chris Schön (bass), Friedl Schütz (guitar), Lilly (vocal), Elmar (keyboard) and Mick (drums). Together with Christian G (vocal), Sunterra releases their first album “in diebus illis”, wherefore they founded their own label Tombstone Records.

With this CD Sunterra calls the attention of some promoters and plays live on the Brutal Assault or as support band of Agathodaimon.

After a short interlude Christian G. quits the band and is replaced by Carlos. With his entry the flute is getting one essential element of Sunterra’s sound. In 2002 the band releases their second album “lost time” together with W.O.B. Records. With this record Sunterra arrests a wide-range attention, especially with their song “out of the dark”, a cover-version in honor of the Austrian Popstar Falco. Features in big print-magazines as Sonic Seducer or Rock Hard helped the band to achieve concerts with the Gathering, Entwine, or Theatre of Tragedy, and a lot of gigs in Austria, Germany and the former eastern countries.

In collaboration with CCP Records the third album „graceful tunes“ is released 2003, the highest-grossing CD of the band. Sunterra plays a huge range of concerts across Europe, e.g. the Forestglade Open Air and concerts with Tanzwut, Subway to Sally or Crematory are held in front of an excited audience. In summer 2006 the band decides to take a break for an uncertain period. In December of the same year Sunterra plays their last concert in front of a sold out venue in Vienna.

2015 Sunterra proclaim on their Facebook-page that they are working on new material with altered lineup. At this period the band members are Chris, Lilly, Carlos and guitarist and programmer Ivan. In the same year Sunterra signs a deal with the German independent label NRT Records and releases the sold out albums again. In august 2016 the Sunterra finishes the recording sessions for their EP “reborn”, showing a progression of the band’s music and sound. As a lyric guideline Sunterra works up the end and reincarnation of mankind. They’re presenting a new and more electronic sound perfectly implemented in the tradition of the band. The new CD “reborn” will be released through NRT Records early 2017.

Sunterra – Live @ Viper Room

Sunterra – Graceful Tunes